Design your own Sharwalis

Are you planning a party? Or just looking for an original and interesting group activity for your friends / kids?

Why not try your hand at decorating your own sharwalis? Let out your inner artist ! There are many different methods to do so – see the list below:

*** making tie dye
*** drawing with markers
*** drawing with colors (using paint brushes)
*** spraying with Graffiti
*** iron-on

We supply plain-coloured sharwalis in large quantities for parties (see video clip below), but please give us a notice at least 3 weeks in advance.  We can also provide you with the decoration kits, such as paint brushes, colours, sprays, markers, etc, or cater for any other idea – please do get in touch with us and we’ll help you make it happen!

Graffiti Artist decorating Sharwalis at your party

We can arrange a graffiti artist to write custom messages or decorate sharwalis at your party - fun activity and a memorable party-gift - see the photos and the video clip.

Printed sharwalis

A refreshing alternative to that tired printed T-Shirts. We will print your company's logo, your name or a special message/design for your party or corporate event.

Printed logo
Graffiti sprays
Tie-die kit